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Top SEO Tips – Review on Top 3 ‘Coming Soon Page’ Plugins for WordPress Sites

 Whether you are developing a business website or a blog, or updating an existing site, you must look at it from SEO point of view. SEO holds an important place in making your website visible to users. Here, we will tell you the best SEO tips, and reviews on top 3 plugins for creating WordPress coming soon pages.

SEO aspects of Coming Soon Pages

You will need to think of ways to get the right first impression on the visitors. You can do so by using compelling page title, page description, social profiles, or page content. The inclusion of a signup form is a good way to connect with first-time visitors. You can use other organic and social links that will help in getting greater exposure for the coming soon page, and also your entire website.

Start off your SEO campaign with the introduction of the coming soon page. A coming Soon plugin will help you save time by setting everything quickly.

  • Write an impressive Meta Description – An effective meta description is essential in getting website searchers to select your search results.
  • Add Keywords, Page Titles, and More – In addition to page description, information like keywords, page title, etc. is also included in the search result for the coming soon page.
  • Use the coming soon page builder plugin – This plugin for WordPress helps you by providing completely customizable page content alternatives, an email signup tool, sharing of links, social profile and also an ability to link to content outside the page. Just use the user-friendly dashboard to create page name, keywords, page description, etc.

Top 3 Coming Soon WP Plugin Reviews:

Coming Soon WP Plugin

This Plugin has features that meet the needs of every business. Some of them being:

  • More than a million free high-quality Images with Instagram inspired filters.
  • Over 120 professionally created and themes that can be customized as per brand
  • You can develop a page offline or online, in just a few minutes.
  • You can design your Coming Soon page to be intuitive and simple, so that the loading time can be minimized.

According to our review, we give it a 4.6/5.0 rating.

Under Construction Page Plugin

This Plugin develops better under construction pages. Some of its top features include:

  • With the drag and drop builder functionality, it develops fully customizable, and ready to deploy under construction pages in a matter of minutes.
  • It is beginner-friendly plugin that can be easily used by an amateur.
  • More than a million premium Images, and 210+ Templates
  • Develop any Single page website
  • Quick and User-Friendly Support

With these exemplary features offered by the software, we rate it 4.8/5.0.


  • This maintenance plugin enables the WordPress site admin to shut down the website for performing maintenance activities. It does this by enabling “503 services temporarily unavailable”.
  • Alternatively, you can set a temporary webpage that can be customized via the plugin settings.
  • WP maintenance plugin offers complete assistance for the collection of subscribers and leads via option popups and boxes in content.

Based on its effectiveness, we will rate this plugin with 4.4/5.0


The above tips will definitely help you in making the right use of coming soon page that will benefit both your users, as well as the search engine. You can use 301 WordPress redirects if these pages get good SEO rankings. It will help you in retaining the traffic coming to that page.

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