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How Self Driving cars use the knowledge of Data Science?

The invention of self driving cars was a dream some 40 years ago. The field of self driving cars made progress slowly. The thing is that when we drive we automatically do many decisions. These decisions are a part of our intelligence and instinct. A robot is not intelligent. It cannot make decisions on its own. The thing that can help robots make decisions according to the situation is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is helping us to raise our standard of living by getting the job done from robots.

Humans don’t like to do all the tasks themselves. Thus, the use of these robots is really important. Self driving cars are also robots that are artificially intelligent. Data Science has a deep connection with artificial intelligence. Thus, the knowledge of Data Science is required in making self driving cars. There are various devices attached to a self driving vehicle. These include radars and many cameras. But these are useless if the vehicle cannot make decisions. This is made possible by the use of Data Science. Data is use from the cameras and radars and decisions are being made every second. You can also go to the self driving cars industry by doing a Data Science Course.

How Data Science is involved in the working of search engines?

Today, Data science online training in hyderabad use the data of the users in order to provide useful results. Information such as location, gender, interests and age serve as the basic factors for providing accurate results. This is the place where Data Science plays its role. Users now see much better results due to the advancements in Data Science. That is the reason that online industry and business require services of more Data Scientists.

Google Ads are also using knowledge of Data Science:

You might have noticed that you mostly see ads of your interests or something that you had recently searched on the search engine. Google Ads use the knowledge of data science online training in Bangalore to increase the click-through rate. The chances of getting clicks increase when the ad matches the user’s interest. Data Science Course in Bangalore can help you to gain the advanced level knowledge of Data Science.

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