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Street photography a means to understand life on the street

Street photography is one of the most engaging and exciting genres in photography. To take great shots of street one needs to have creative skills. Clicking people from day-to-day life is a challenge in street photography. It cannot be done in a rush. The photographer is required to have patience, time and hard work. Street photography is a discipline of arranging and composing the elements of day-to-day life in an eventful way. The photographer is required to keep his eyes and mind open to process the possibility of street photography. To get more information on street photography visit this site

Tips for street photography

  • Include shadows: Shadows and silhouettes make the picture more engaging and attractive. Silhouette and shadows can be used as an essential part of street photography. You can click just the silhouette of the subject to create mystery.
  • Capture surrounding: Under street photography, we generally focus on the subject. However, you can capture the related environment of the subject to give an insight into the subject. It adds meaning to the picture.
  • Create juxtaposition: Juxtaposition is created when two or more objects show contrasting nature in one frame. Juxtaposition can be used in street photography to attract the attention of the audience.

Challenges in street photography

  • Street photography is where you are spontaneous in clicking the picture. This means that you need to carry your camera as an accessory which will draw the attention of the people.
  • In street photography, you come across any scenarios that seem perfect for the shot. However, there are times where you will find things that may seem irrelevant, but they are hard to differentiate from the main scene.
  • Street photography requires you to get close to the subject. This may cause severe problems as people you wish to capture may not be comfortable with the idea of photographing.

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