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The importance of medical devices to meet healthcare needs

Medical devices are essential for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disease and illness to be safe and effective. Medical devices are necessary to meet global health needs and can be used by health personnel, patients or others in different settings, such as hospitals, dispensaries or their own home for preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitation purposes. For more details on medical devices for safe diagnosis check out  here.

What to consider?

Innovation always allows us to be one step ahead for the benefit of a quick and safe recovery of the patient. It is a transcendental issue in the current medical context. The integration of the measured information and the parameters that are calculated make it possible to predict the effectiveness of a medical device. When talking about medical devices, there are a number of facts and figures to keep in mind –

Ø  Medical devices range from a simple thermometer to the most sophisticated and expensive diagnostic imaging equipment,

Ø  There are an estimated 1.5 million different medical devices of more than 10,000 general types,

Ø  The majority of the world’s population does not have sufficient access to safe and appropriate medical devices in their health systems,

Ø  About two-thirds of low-income countries do not have a national health technology policy capable of ensuring efficient use of resources,

Ø  Medical devices help save or prolong life,

Ø  Medical devices also improve quality of life and improve vision, prostheses, etc.

Regarding access to safe medical devices, it depends on the existence of systems that guarantee their safety and proper functioning. However, as the WHO points out, 40% of low-income countries do not have an authority in charge of applying and enforcing regulations on medical devices that guarantee the safety of these for the patient and the healthcare professional.

The market is promising

The medical device market has grown rapidly in recent years, following the technological trends of the health sector markets, which seek to improve the well-being of people. At present it is not known exactly how many different types of medical devices exist in the world. In several countries this sector has experienced a very rapid annual growth rate. Due to all this, countries must make it a priority to ensure the safety of patients and their access to high-quality, safe and effective medical devices. The correct regulation of medical devices guarantees access to high quality and effective products. Besides, it ensures benefits to public health and the safety of patients, health workers and communities. On the other hand, it restricts the use of those products that are not safe or have limited clinical use.


The medical device industry is committed to a tomorrow in which various innovations are a constant. At present, micro implants are under development to regulate organs that will allow their activity to be controlled in favor of better functioning. The steps involved in the manufacture, regulation, planning, evaluation, procurement and management of medical devices are complex but essential to ensure their quality, safety and compatibility with the environments in which they are used.

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