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Finer Values for the Small SEO Business

The more time your readers spend on your website, Google understands that it is more relevant. In addition, in the health sector, when a patient does a search it is because he wants to inform himself as much as possible about a pathology or treatment that directly affects him. So do not be afraid of long texts (but that are enjoyable, do not bore the user or it will end up going). For the seo services for small business  this is the best deal for you.

Title, UR and meta descriptions optimized with the keyword to position

The titles of a page or an article (post) of a blog go from greater to lesser depending on their relevance (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) and must contain, so

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Optimized images and videos

In addition to facilitating reading to the user so as not to scare him with so much text, you can use them to include keywords in his metadata (information on audiovisual content not visible to the user) 

External authority

The PA (Page Authority) indicates the authority of your website. This can increase rapidly if your website is linked from pages with more authority than yours (directories, pages with more visits and seniority than yours). These links you receive should be similar to yours. 

Your Google My Business page must be 100%.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile is especially useful for health companies that offer local services, such as pharmacy offices, clinics or patient associations. 

Why is SEO important for your health website?

Thanks to the digital evolution of consumer services in recent years, patients first seek specialists, medical centers, pharmacies or products from their computer or smartphone.

The time to search in yellow pages, ask in the primary care center or to family members is over. As patients, we are increasingly proactive in seeking information regarding health, whether about treatments, pathologies, better products, specialists or health centers in the area …

And this is where the almighty Google comes into play and the position in which you appear when they search for a keyword.

Taking into account that 91% of Google users will not go from the first page to do a search , if you are not investing in SEO you are giving clicks to the competition.

Although there are other ways to gain traffic and with it authority for certain searches (for example with paid ads in Google Ads or ad campaigns for the health sector on Facebook or Instagram ) , investing in SEO is the free tool that best results you get to give long term in your online marketing strategy.

A well-positioned page with quality articles of interest to your target patients is a machine to generate potential clients running 24/7 on autopilot, in which the only costs are the maintenance of the web and the time / money invested by The SEO technician who optimizes everything.

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