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Server Choices: Windows Home Server

As you can see through the product’s name, Windows Home Server 2011 of Microsoft is aimed directly at the consumer market. It’s created for simplicity of usage and has strong media-handling abilities, consisting of real-time transcoding and assimilation with Windows Media Center. But the operating system is built on the same code base as Microsoft’s very solid business-oriented server OS, Windows Web Server 2008 R2, and it could be good for your business if you don’t require to sustain greater than ten computer clients.

How Windows Home Server Works

Windows Home Server machines are made to operate “headless,” suggesting you do not need a monitor, computer mouse, or keyboard to manage them. Rather you use the Remote Desktop computer Connection function in Windows to link to the server over your network. A server, such as Dell Network X Series, running Windows Home server 2011, will not do virtualization, but it is a very cost-effective file-sharing and backup option, as well as it does sustain protected remote gain access. LaCie’s 5b ig Workplace is one good example of a Windows Home Server maker tailored for local business. It sets you back just $599, as well as, consists of a solitary 2TB drive, 2GB of RAM, and a gigabit ethernet interface. It uses four extra drive bays for growth, and it supports RAID 0, 1, 5, and 5+ extra.

WHS-specific performance such as DLNA support and media streaming will be folded up into Windows Server Fundamentals 2012, an item aimed at small businesses as well as priced starting at $425. Windows Home Server 2011, the existing variation of WHS, will be available for most of the majority of people up until 2013, as well as computer system manufacturers can get the software to create new devices till 2025.

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