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How to rank higher in 2019

With the change in Google’s algorithm, it has become harder for some people to stay on top of Google searches. It has become harder to generate organic traffic. There was a time when you could type anything and put a keyword in an article to attract traffic to your website. Now, it is not so simple anymore.

Things to avoid

Here are a few things you must avoid if you really want to rank higher in Google:

  • Do not post irrelevant content. Irrelevant content does not get much attention and will rank you lower.
  • Do not use small one word keywords. Avoid doing this at all cost as it will put you in competition with thousands or even millions of other websites. Suppose you use the keyword ‘marketing’, you will have to make your way through thousands to go the top by using this keyword.
  • Try to do all the work yourself. You cannot do marketing, SEO, and everything else on your own. You cannot compete with good digital marketing teams out there.

Tips to rank higher

Here are a few tips for you to rank higher:

  • Post informational content that provides value. Your content must be relevant to your subject.
  • Use long tail keywords. There is little competition when you use long keywords and you can rank higher easily with them.
  • Hire a digital marketing agency. Individual bloggers or hobbyists are not required to hire an agency but if you are doing an online business, you will definitely need them. They could help you with marketing and rank higher. Suppose you are in Bangkok then you could search for a good agency by typing keywords like digital marketing bangkok.

Benefits of an agency

An agency consists of professionals who know what to do in order to get the desired results. They would help you with marketing and making more sales in future.

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